Christmas Tree Decoration  Custom LED String Lights
Christmas Tree Decoration  Custom LED String Lights

Christmas Tree Decoration Custom LED String Lights

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Christmas just really isn't Christmas without a few

essentials such as a Christmas tree. we have a large

range of quality Christmas tree decorations on Prinkle

led store.Christmas Treedecorations are a vital part of

getting in the spirit of the season .App control, WiFi 

connection ,use indoor and outdoor.Custom display group

feature arevery good option in Prinkle led product .

USB power connection is suite for every country.


1 APP CONTROLLED:use the Twinkly App for iOS and

Android to map the light strings, and create custom

lighting displays.The multi coloured smart lights

 instantly connect to Bluetooth or WiFi networks.


light strings are IOT ready! Sync your light decorations

with your smart home for easy use; app controlled lights

are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant 

With the music sensor, you can sync Christmas lights with

your favourite tunes.

3 CUSTOM DISPLAY & GROUP FEATURE: Download per-loaded

lighting effects or draw your own light display designs.

Multiple string lights can be grouped in the app to perform

as one extended decorative light.

4 FAST AND EASY SETUP:- The brand new Generation II

controller is more powerful than ever. Connect instantly via

Bluetooth and pair Twinkly smart lights to your WIFI 

Networking.The step-by-step guide helps you set-up and

configure Twinkly with ease .

5 MULTI COLOUR LIGHT EFFECTS:Create custom colour

changing light displays with these app controlled LED

lights with more than 16 million colours – ideal decorative

 indoor and outdoor light accessories for Christmas

decorations and parties.

Protection level: IP65
Luminous flux: 6 (lm)
Color temperature: 3000 (K)
Input voltage: 5 (V)
Size: 5M 50 LED/10M 100 LED/20 M 200 LED optional
More than 16 Millions of colours
29 Different dynamic modes
Sync to music
Timer function
Brightness/Speed control from 1%-100%
Custom to create your great led moon lighting